Innovation. Long overdue.

Designed for mobile learning

Adaptable. Resilient. Future-proof.

Things are tough all over.

Changes – a lot of them, many all at once – are always difficult to manage.

With other global issues demanding urgent attention, there’s more change in store for the restaurant and hospitality industry…and the communities who support and sustain it.

One smart way to prep for those challenges is to future-proof. Learn how basic sustainable policies and adaptable practices provide the kind of resilience our businesses and careers need. Understand how most every operating, purchasing or personnel decision impacts every other. How it all connects.

Because the more you know, the easier it gets.

“The course provided knowledge on aspects of sustainability that I had never even thought of before.”

Hospitality Student

SFP pilot group

“For the sake of their careers and our industry’s future, every young cook ought to take this course. I think it’ll become ‘standard issue’ in the workplace.

Robert Belcham

Chef/Owner, Vancouver

Course Syllabus

Click here to review and download the course outline.

And just because success in sustainability is known to be challenging, learning about it needn’t be.

That’s precisely why two long-time advocates of restaurant sustainability developed the Sustainable Foodservice Professional (SFP) program –  to provide the kind of accessible, mobile learning experience their colleagues and clients have been asking for.

Combining inspiring videos, challenging quizzes and practical resources in bite-sized lessons (view sample), the SFP Level 1 course covers the essentials in five sections. Each explores a particular set of choices every operation must make, from menu concepts, sourcing products and equipping kitchens to staff policies and customer communications, and outlines the many opportunities to embed ‘future-proof’ policies and solutions into those options.

The SFP Level 1 course is available in two versions, and in individual or group packages to suit the needs of your operation or campus:

Professional Edition

With flexible navigation, convenient pause/resume across any mobile platform and kitchen-tested advice from dozens of leading industry experts, the Pro Edition is tailored to complement in-house training programs for any size operation, from  indie cafés to national brands.  Average five (5) hour completion with a 30-question quiz earns SFP Level 1 certification.

Student Edition

Optimized for long-term learning, this edition features the same content and deep resources of the Pro version, along with enhanced module-level quizzes and evaluation tools. The Student Edition offers 120 day access with flexible class configurations, combined with customizable options for results tracking, status reports and instructor support.

Easy to manage, too.

SFP’s mobile-friendly platform also makes it easy to set-up and coordinate group courses. Whether you order a package of 12 seats just once or 120 seats twice a year, we’ll provide you with a custom group dashboard assignable to one or more group or class leaders. A few minutes at a desktop or mobile device provides a snapshot of the group participants’ status, lessons completed, time spent, etc.  The dashboard also offers a variety of reports to keep all your stakeholders apprised of your team’s progress toward future-proof foodservice.

And because we’re ready to disrupt expectations of what online training can be (but also new at this), SFP offers both customer and tech support – by email within 24 hours and by phone within 48 hours.

Certification is the goal. And more.

A lot of courses issue PDF certificates for completing lessons and passing a final quiz.  So does SFP.

That said, our goal is to do more than paper the industry with yet another credential. SFP is in this for the long run, with plans for regular content updates and recertification requirements.

As stated off the top, more substantial change is coming to this industry. Most of it is absolutely necessary. A lot of it is also urgent.

SFP is here to make it easier for everyone, novice or veteran, to do their part.  With common terms of referenceShared values and goals. Collaborative action.


If this sounds like the future you want, we invite you to enroll in SFP today.

The future won’t wait. Neither should you.