Sample Lesson

Get a taste of the SFP elearning experience

Because not much beats a proper taste-test, we invite you to tuck into this sample lesson.

It’s titled Diversity and is Lesson 3 of Module 1 – Concept + Cuisine, which explores the fundamentals of sustainability, and how they apply substantially to every facet of restaurant and hospitality operations.

This lesson reviews the context and challenges of adding sustainable actions to those operations, and how measurable success is best assured when it’s built-in to menu concept and design – preferably from the get-go.

Like most lessons, Diversity includes related topics, featuring an interactive game to check progress and a Video Mentor clip featuring sustainable menu design advice from two experienced, award-winning chefs – Brad Long of Belong Hospitality (Toronto) and Andrea Carlson of Burdock & Co, (Vancouver).

And because learning on-the-go is essential to busy operations,  be sure to open this lesson on your favourite device to see how mobile-friendly learning is also built in to SFP.

We’re confident this quick bite will feed your appetite for more.