American politician Eugene McCarthy famously said “the only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its inefficiency.” Luckily, rarely found in the foodservice/hospitality sector … typically too little time in indulge (or waste) in bureaucratic pursuits.

Famous for generating paper (which as discussed in Section 4 is to be avoided),  However,  every sustainable operation needs to document its management policies, whether they get ‘inked’ physically or digitally. This set of policies is also the ideal dance partner to the Sustainable Purchasing Policy described in Section 2.

What should it cover? Personnel management aside (to be covered in the next lesson), here are some essentials:

There will come a day when these management policies and practices will no longer need to highlighted as sustainable. Until that change comes, it’s important to know them when you read them.

And if your workplace deems you unable to review because they’re for “senior management only,” consider that a red flag that demands attention.